Antara Cerita dan Sejarah

Meriam Cetbang Majapahit


  • Muhammad Averoes Universitas Brawijaya


canon, cetbang, gunpoweder, Majapahit, Mongol, China, old Javanese


This research was intended to trace the origin and the form of the Majapahit cetbang cannon. In many medias, cetbang is said to be a Majapahit weapon that was developed from Mongol gunpowder weapons obtained during the Mongol-Chinese attack on Java. The cetbang was described as a breech-loading swivel gun, but the Mongol-Chinese gunpowder weapon was very different from the breech-loading swivel gun. This paper investigated the cetbang cannon based on philological studies, its references in old Javanese language, and similar cannon from other parts of the world.




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