Bersenandung di Tengah Badai

Musik dalam Dinamika Kekerasan Antikomunis


  • Kelana Wisnu Sapta Nugraha Program Studi Sastra Indonesia, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Padjadjaran



music, songs, anticomunist violence


This article examines the dynamics of anti-communist violence in Indonesia through music as a source of historical writing. By relying on written records of music during times of violence, such as music scores, memoirs, and reconstructed songs, this article attempts to build and reinterpret the internal responses of survivors during the period of violence. In four sections, this article expounds on these responses. Within each, this article constantly features songs and musical activities: first by discussing the survivors' responses within a regional context; after which categorizing the function of songs sung or written in prison for the survivors' community; and examining how the mental state of the survivors is internalized in the tunes of the songs; finally, this article also discusses the effect of temporal and geographical changes on the musical function and production of these songs.




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Nugraha, K. (2021). Bersenandung di Tengah Badai : Musik dalam Dinamika Kekerasan Antikomunis. Jurnal Sejarah, 4(2), 17–45.